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What Are Awning Windows?

If you’re looking for a guaranteed way of making your home look great inside and out, you can’t go wrong with our premium awning windows collection. One of our best-selling product lines of all times, homeowners in growing numbers are embracing the combination of elegance, simplicity and total performance awning windows deliver.



Push Release Screen

Tear resistant fiberglass mesh means that your screens will last longer. Frame made from rust free materials, screen easily removes for cleaning and ventilation.


Folding Handle

Handle folds away to maximize interior space, ideal for fitting blinds. Made from sturdy components to last. Can also be completely removed if necessary.

Multi-Lock System

A single point lever locks the window in multiple spots to create a tight seal that increases insulation. Sturdy mechanism adds to the overall security of your home.

Heavy-Duty Hardware

Sturdy hardware allows for a larger window size that is safely supported by the frame. Stainless steel hinges are rust proof and guranteed to last for the lifetime of the window.

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The Casement Window In Action

Manufactured using the most advanced materials the industry has to offer, awning windows not only look the part, but also play a role in protecting your home. Total weather-resistance combines with high-level thermal efficiency, keeping your home warm, comfortable and free of drafts throughout the year.

During the warmer months, awning windows can be opened easily and efficiently to allow fresh air into your home. The actual specification of each product may be somewhat different, but all carry the same superior quality and performance in equal measures.

Awning windows can be fully opened with easy-to-operate sliders, which also secure the open pane in place. One key benefit of this type of window is the way they can be opened while it is raining outdoors, without it being allowed to enter the home. Once close, awning windows are incredibly tight, resilient and secure, making them a great addition to your home’s current security setup.

Best of all, like every type of window we supply and fit, awning windows require little to no ongoing maintenance over the years to keep them in the best possible working order.

Awning Window Customization


Interior Trim Options

We offer a variety of interior trim options to make your awning windows stand out. We use smooth and durable materials to retain their shine year after year. Many colours and shapes are available to match your existing decor.

Interior Jambs

Interior Jambs provide structural support for your window, a proper jamb is important for a seamless window installation. We also offer wood jamb extensions, moldings, and corner blocks. All extensions are made from maintenance-free PVC that will last a lifetime.

Exterior Finish

Our exterior brickmould finish is made from a durable PVC compound that can stand up to the harsh Canadian winters. Available in a variety of colours for a stand-out curb appeal.

Awning Window Energy Efficiency

Argon Gas Insulation

To reduce window heat loss and stop cold from getting inside the house, Argon gas is used to fill the space between panes. This gas conducts heat 50% less than air. Less heat transfer translates directly to more energy savings for you.

Low-Emissivity Glass Coating

Low-emissivity glass, also commonly referred to as “Low-E glass” is a great choice for reducing your energy costs during all seasons of the year.

During the winter, Low-E glass cuts your heating costs by reflecting interior heat back into the room, which means you use less energy and better insulate your home when it’s below freezing outside.

In the summer, Low-E glass reduces the flow of hot air into the cool interior of your home. This coating also reduces the harmful effects of UV-rays which can cause your furniture and hardwood floors to fade. 

Energy Star Zones

Our exterior brickmould finish is made from a durable PVC compound that can stand up to the harsh Canadian winters. Available in a variety of colors for a stand-out curb appeal.

Energay Star Climate Map Canada

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